Monday, May 02, 2016

The Virginia Wind Symphony has recorded several CD's which are available through Walking Frog Records. Clicking on the product number for each CD will open a new browser window to the selected CD's order page on the Walking Frog Site.

Frank Erickson Band Classics

Frank Erickson Band Classics

Virginia Wind Symphony,
Dennis J. Zeisler, Conductor
Product #: WFR245

Overture Jubiloso - Frank Erickson
Air for Band - Frank Erickson
Blue Ridge Overture - Frank Erickson
Sonatina for Band - Frank Erickson
Toccata for Band - Frank Erickson
Balladair - Frank Erickson
Rhythm of the Winds - Frank Erickson
Dorian Festival - Frank Erickson
Chorale for Band - Frank Erickson
Fantasy for Band - Frank Erickson
Tamerlane - Frank Erickson

Sinfonia For Winds - Frank Erickson
Two Norwegian Folk Dances - Frank Erickson
Ballad For Peace - Frank Erickson
Citadel March - Frank Erickson
Overture Pastorale - Frank Erickson
A Short Suite For Band - Frank Erickson
Quiet Time - Frank Erickson
Concord March - Frank Erickson
Rondo Royale - Frank Erickson
Arietta For Winds - Frank Erickson
Japanese Fantasy - Frank Erickson
Lyric March - Frank Erickson
Mexican Folk Festival - Frank Erickson

Frank Erickson Band Classics II

Frank Erickson Band Classics II
Virginia Wind Symphony,
Dennis J. Zeisler, Conductor
Product #: WFR479

Claude T. Smith: A Concert Celebration
The Virginia Wind Symphony,
Dennis J. Zeisler, Conductor
Product #: WFR435

Allegro and Intermezzo - Claude T. Smith
Golden Regiment March - Claude T. Smith
Star Song - Claude T. Smith
Stone Mountain Overture - Claude T. Smith
American Folk Song Trilogy - Claude T. Smith
Black Watch March - Claude T. Smith
March On An Irish Air - Claude T. Smith
Santiago Carnival - Claude T. Smith
Affirmation and Credo - Claude T. Smith
Allegheny Portrait - Claude T. Smith
Concert Celebration - Claude T. Smith
Intrada: Adoration and Praise - Claude T. Smith
Symphonic Variations On In Dulci Jubilo - Claude T. Smith

Castebrooke Overture - Claude T. Smith
Galop Humoresque - Claude T. Smith
Summer In Rio - Claude T. Smith
Island Fiesta - Claude T. Smith
Overture For A Festival - Claude T. Smith
Royal Lancer - Claude T. Smith
Windstar - Claude T. Smith
World Freedom - Claude T. Smith
Horizons West - Claude T. Smith
Jubilesta - Claude T. Smith
Prelude for Band - Claude T. Smith
Silver Salutation - Claude T. Smith
Moresco: A Symphonic Pantomime - Claude T. Smith

World Freedom
The Music of Claude T. Smith

Virginia Wind Symphony,
Denis J. Zeisler, Conductor
Product #: WFR576

The Music of Claude T. Smith

The Virginia Wind Symphony, Dennis J. Zeisler, Conductor
Product #: WFR669

Avondale Overture - Claude T. Smith
Hymn to St. Avold - Claude T. Smith
Beguine on a Brazilian Folk Song - Claude T. Smith
Introduction and Fugato - Claude T. Smith
Oxford Point Overture - Claude T. Smith
Sunbird Overture - Claude T. Smith
Battle Hymn of the Republic - Claude T. Smith
Bombasto March - Claude T. Smith
Cresset Variations - Claude T. Smith
Gala XXV: A Symphonic Overture - Claude T. Smith
March Russe - Claude T. Smith
Prelude and Toccata - Claude T. Smith

Upcoming Events

Sousa Foundation's Sudler Silver Scroll Award

The Virginia Wind Symphony is honored to be a recipient of the John Philip Sousa Foundation's Sudler Silver Scroll Award!  The Sudler Silver Scroll is an international award to identify, recognize and honor those community bands that have demonstrated particularly high standards of excellence in concert activities over a period of several years, and which have played a significant and leading role in the cultural and musical environment in their respective communities.

North America's most prestigious award for community concert bands is named after Chicago real estate magnate Louis C. Sudler, a patron of the arts who founded the John Philip Sousa Foundation. The John Philip Sousa Foundation is a publicly supported, educational foundation established for the purpose of organizing, sponsoring and administering projects contributing to the excellence of bands and band music throughout the world by recognizing excellence in its many forms wherever it may be found.

For more information about the Sudler Silver Scroll award and to see a list of past winners, please see the John Philip Sousa Foundation website.


Save the Date

Virginia Arts Festival Concert

May 14, 2016 — 7:30 PM 
Virginia Wind Symphony, with Virginia Beach Chorale
Sandler Center for the Performing Arts
201 Market Street
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462